Passivity and Twitter Retweet

News 10:02 February 2024:

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You have been struggling for a while to get that twitter retweet for all your tweets. You really need the retweets as you are using twitter to market your business and you need the response of the twitter users so as to get yourself the visibility that will get you on the next level as far as the growth of your business si concerned. You have however noticed that as you started out there was very good momentum that seems to be diminishing now and you cannot seem to pinpoint the problem. It is really important for you to find out exactly where you are going wrong as diminishing momentum means decreased visibility which will eventually turn to reduced visibility for your business. So where is the problem and how do you solve it?

At this point, it is very important to mention that on social media, people are attracted by activity. Unless you are using automatic retweets, you have to put in the effort to get that twitter retweet. Even the automatic retweets will not get you the results that you need if you do not follow them up with the necessary activity. It is very important that you take the time to keep your audience entertained and always coming back for more form you. You cannot just sit back and wait for people to give you the attention that you need without you giving them a reason to give you the attention. You need to make sure that your content is always on point. You need to make sure that you are constantly telling the people what they want to hear. You need to ensure that you are continuously relating with your audience and keeping them engaged. This is the only way to maintain the momentum and retain the visibility that you need.

This will simply mean that you need to know and understand your audience which then means that you have to continuously conduct research. To get that twitter retweet, you need to remain relevant and be able to relate to the audience through the different experiences that they are going through. This means that you have to keep yourself updated with all the new trends in the market. You need to conduct research to achieve this.

It is also imperative for you to understand that social media platforms basically operate on the principle of give and take. You cannot be continuously taking and expect that people will continue giving. It works both ways, you need to ensure that you are giving out that twitter retweet, like, following and all other such favorites as much as they are being given to you. On social media, people tend to follow people that follow them and like the content of the people that like their content. You thus need to be active in giving out the retweets as much as you want to get that twitter retweet for yourself. Twitter users will give back in equal and proportionate measure to what you are giving them.



We all know that twitter and Facebook almost have the same features. But what are the things that is different from the two website? Answering that question is like comparing tea with coffee, both of them are good but in their own best ways. I will not doubt when you will say that Facebook is the ultimate site or app for connecting with your circle of friends, families, co-workers and people that you know very well. Facebook, we all know, that it is a great app for keeping yourself updated with the happenings around you. In what is happening with your friends, or your families, or even news that is around the world. Keeping people updated is the reason why Facebook is at the top of its success.

In Facebook, you can really build a more what we call ‘personal business’ with your certain friends, best friends, or even acquaintances. And on the other hand, there is another app, Twitter. Twitter is like you are going to attend a certain conference or a certain meeting, where you are going to give everyone a handshake and have a conversation with them already. The biggest difference with these two social media apps is the way that the information is given or passed. But there is a certain feature of the two sites that we can compare better. It is the Twitter retweets and Facebook Share.


But what is the difference between these two? In choosing between those two you can only pick one. For these passed years this certain topic has never been talked about. For a long time, these two sites are too different to justify the ultimatum. To begin with, a certain feature on Facebook, which is sharing crippling hesitancy, like a useless supplement. On twitter, users can share a certain post using a “RT”. In doing a twitter retweet, they can also include a certain link in their tweet. This will be the introduction of the official retweet button or what we call retweet.


This twitter retweet makes sharing stuff as easy as pie. You will just click a button and in just a blink of an eye, it is already shared! But not like on Facebook, on twitter, the users tend to have millions rather than saying thousands of connections, so if the certain person retweets the very right post to the certain right group of people, you will have a chance to get new followers. That certain thing that are already said in above are not just the certain thing that is different from the two social media sites. But as i have said on the first part, you can never ever compare two things, like for example the coffee and tea because those two certain thing already have the very good thing on their own, but they let you see it in a very different way. Just like this Twitter retweet on the social media app twitter and the other is Facebook shares, on Facebook.



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