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In weather stations all around the world, there are a lot of different weather stations in each country. In this article we are going to talk about, obviously weather stations, but in a specific country, which is Philippines. In the country Philippines, there is a certain agency that is called PAGASA. It means P for Philippine, A for Atmospheric, G for Geophysical, A for Astronomical, S for Services and A for Administration. This agency is the what we a call a national also meteorological and also hydro-logical services department or agency for the country Philippines. This agency is also authorized to give the protection against a natural calamity. And it also ensure the safety, the good and also the economic protection or security of the community, and also for upgrading the progress by just undertaking the scientific and also the technological things in the certain things like, the meteorology, the hydrology, the climatology, the astronomy and also other more geophysical science. This agency was created or established on the 8th or December in 1972. Now, the agency PAGASA currently serve with the specifically, Scientific and also Technological kind of certain services that are institutes of the other agency which is DOST.


This agency PAGASA, installed its very first Doppler weather radar station in a certain part of the Philippines which is in Baler in Aurora and the other one is in Baguio. There is a new kind of weather radars or weather stations that can monitor the typhoon’s movements and also the amount of the rainfall if the rain will be either heavy or light and it has a real-time atmospheric forecasts using a certain monitor. This agency or department also have a Automated Weather station or we can just call it AWS. This what we call AWS or the Automated Weather Station is a kind of monitoring station that is equipped with different kinds of sensors that are capable of measuring the weather parameters such as the wind speed and also the wind direction, and the air temperature, and the air humidity, and the air pressure, and the rain amount, also the duration and intensity. Also the weather data is sent just wireless through the cellular network as a certain text message or a certain SMS or short messaging system. It is designed to be just rugged and also to be standalone, the certain weather station can be also deployed even in the certain ares that is hardly to remote and hardly to operate continuously, and also as it gets some power from the sun, it will automatically be backed up by the internal solar rechargeable battery.


There are a lot of kinds of weather station all around the world, in different countries, it is not just in Philippines. In weather stations there is also what we call Networks. These networks are the varieties of land weather stations networks. Some of these kinds of networks are either basic, or it is analyzing weather fronts or certain pressure systems, or such as Some of the synoptic observation of network, some are even more regional in nature that are also known as the mesonets. For example, in United states, there is the Arizona Meteorological Network or AZMET, the Florida Automated weather station or the FAWS, Also the Iowa Environmental Mesonet or the IEM. Others are in Southern Hemisphere, for example in Australia there is the Bureau of Meteorology AWS network. There are a lot of things that can be known from.


Knowing the different things that are connected with weather stations are extremely satisfying to know and extremely exciting. But keep in mind that there are certain thing that we first need to know before using certain weather stations. Weather stations are not only seen in Philippines, or it is not only in United States of America, it can be built, established, created anywhere and by anyone who has the certain knowledge to organize the weather station that they will build, or create, or will establish. Weather stations are really that important that it can be only built and managed by people who has the ability and knowledge to do it. Because having a station is a little complicated.


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